Conservation Management Plan

The Conservation Management Plan (CMP) for Holy Trinity Church was finalised in August 2008. Congratulations to Hobart City Council for funding it, to the consultants for their detailed research, and to special interest groups who contributed information.

The CMP is a fascinating read and beautifully illustrated. It states Holy Trinity is one of the most heritage-rich and historically important churches in Tasmania, indeed in Australia. The architecture is outstanding and remarkable because few buildings still exist with their original external features intact like Holy Trinity.

In contrast the interior has changed greatly but this is also remarkable because the changes reflect so many periods in Australian life. The church still houses original silverware, colonial furniture and bells; ANZAC windows commemorating the fallen in World War 1; and various furnishings and plaques reflecting the Depression, World War 2 and modern times. A grand piano has been removed, hopefully only temporarily.

Some comments in the CMP are very worrying. The building is still structurally sound but cracking of corner stones is increasing and poses an obvious threat. The organ, the oldest of its type in Australia, has not been played regularly in the past 12 months and is at serious risk from damp which could cause $100 000s of damage. The large external door damaged by fire a year ago has still not been repaired. And two spirelets were removed in July this year due to deterioration.

The Anglican Diocese has called for expressions of interest in the future of the church, with a deadline of November 3. Be assured, we will be making a submission. The sooner a committed organisation takes responsibility for restoring Holy Trinity and opening it up for community uses, the better!

The CMP can be viewed on the Hobart City Council website (Community Notices).

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