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Holy Trinity is a wonderful repository of stories - about the church itself through the decades, and of the people who have been worshippers, plus countless others who either had family christenings, marriages or funeral services there.

When the Holy Trinity Support Group was out on the streets with its petition seeking the retention and repair of the church, a major response among the thousands who signed was of great grandparents, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends, who were married there. It was indeed a particularly popular setting for weddings, and that's not in the least surprising considering the beautiful setting.

Here are stories about people's links with the church. If you would like to share your memories about this holy place, please Contact Us.

    Peter Wolsey McCabe of Canberra records the memories of a Rector's son

I arrived at Holy Trinity Rectory as an almost nine year old in July 1942 in the middle of the Second
World War and my schoolboy days were much influenced by my life in this Parish. In the Rectory family
at that time was my Father’s mother, Nanna Jones, my elder sister Judith and my parents (Canon Frank
McCabe and Ann ‘Nance’ McCabe) who were grieving the recent loss of their son Donald and the news
that their eldest son Graeme (whose biplane was shot down over the sea off Malaya on 26 January 1942)
was still listed as missing. A third son, Angus, was on active service overseas. War was no stranger to the
Parish of Holy Trinity. The former Rector Archdeacon (later Bishop) Donald Blackwood MA, MC was
much revered for his heroic devotion to duty in the 1914-18 War as a Chaplain in France and his firm and
compassionate guidance of the Parish from 1924-1942 in the troubled post war years and subsequent
Depression. My Father’s association with the Parish, begun when in 1903 he attended The Friends School
and later taught at the local Trinity Hill School, was to include a number of years of mentoring by his
long time friend Donald Blackwood who reinforced his intention to offer to study for the Ministry which
he later did at St Wilfrid’s College Cressy where Donald Blackwood was Warden between 1921 and
So the Blackwood Chapel dedicated on 10 November 1946 is a place of special importance to my family.
Not only does it contain beautiful examples of local wood craftsmanship overseen by the foreman of the
local firm of W Coogan and Co., but it celebrates the work of a significant Tasmanian churchman and
valued family friend. Its furnishings contain the Holy Table dedicated to the memory of my brothers
Donald Wolsey McCabe who was lost in the sinking of HMS Sydney II in November 1941, and Angus
Wolsey McCabe who died of wounds in New Guinea on 6 December 1943. There are many other gifts to
the Chapel commemorating people such as Miss E F Stops and District Nurse S Z Ayton who lived,
worked and worshipped for whole lifetimes in the Parish. It continues to stand as a memorial to the
steadfastness of a Christian community in this historic area of Hobart.

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